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Does this describe you?

I know my industry. I have hard earned expertise that I want to scale to grow my business, but I can't clone myself, and I can't find a software system that gets the job done. If I knew I could invest to get it, I'd do it, but I want to be sure I'll get what I pay for.

If that situation sounds familiar, you need to hire a team with the right skills:



They need to be great at extracting your unique knowledge and translating that into a system that adds value to your business.



They need to deliver that value early and often, so you can validate the direction you're going in, and grow your business.



And they’ll partner with you for the long haul to continually increase the value of the asset you built.

We partner with our clients to understand their unique business context and create custom software that turns their “secret sauce” into an enhanced competitive edge. We have in-house expertise in the most sustainable, adaptable technologies and platforms.

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Hank Head, VP, Optum Technology

I started my first project with RoleModel Software in 2002. Since then we have worked on a total of 9 projects together. On every project, RoleModel created software that users loved and solved the business challenge that we faced.

Hank Head, VP, Optum Technology

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Auburndale, WI

RapidAir's compressed air system customers range from small residential to large industrial. RapidAir needed a "self serve" 3D online estimating tool so their estimators could focus on large projects.

How Custom Software helps RapidAir's business:

  • Customers can create their own estimates online, no estimators needed.
  • All designs are visible in 3D, improving accuracy and eliminating guesswork.
  • Materials lists are instantly created and added to the shopping cart, closing more sales.
  • Staff estimators spend their time working with customers on larger projects.
  • Management can now see the status of every estimate.
Rapid air 3d Visual Configuator

Sayfa Group

Boronia, Australia

Sayfa is a family-owned business that produces industrial access and fall protection systems. To achieve their international growth plans, Sayfa needed Custom Software to accelerate their quoting process.

How Custom Software helps Sayfa's business:

  • Managers and employees can access quoting information anytime, anywhere.
  • 3D project views help customers picture exactly what they buy--no guesswork!
  • The software automatically creates complete job parts lists, ready for invoicing.
  • Sayfa can now more easily adapt to complex customer needs and project changes.

LifeWay Christian Resources

Nashville, Tennessee

Lifeway is a national publisher and e-Commerce business. Lifeway needed Custom Software to remain competitive and maintain market share in a competitive industry experiencing digital transformation.

How Custom Software helps LifeWay's business:

  • Boosted e-commerce sales and reduced back office invoice/billing time.
  • New mobile application gives salespeople selling tools at their fingertips.
  • Automates e-book subscriptions and royalty reporting, reducing labor costs.
  • Reporting is now easier with a tight integration with existing software/databases.

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To find out if we’re the right fit for your project, one of our seasoned software project veterans would love to talk to you.

Or call us now at: (919) 557-7550

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Offshore Developers

Your Full-Service Software Development Partner

Web Development


Our development team is experienced building sustainable web applications using leading edge technologies.

Mobile Development


Whether a responsive web app or a native application, our team starts with a mobile first approach on every applicable project.

UX/UI Design

UI/UX Design

Our designers integrate into development teams to create designs that anticipate and adapt to change.

On-shore Team

Our highly collaborative 20+ member, on-shore team has decades of collective experience creating and supporting multiple software systems in a broad range of industries from healthcare to manufacturing to agriculture.

RoleModel Team
RoleModel Team
RoleModel Team


Ken Auer

Founder, CEO
Ken Auer

For over four decades, Ken has applied his craft as a leader of high-performance development teams. He founded RoleModel Software in 1997.

Caleb Woods

Caleb Woods

Caleb leads the company’s technical and design efforts, stays current with technology trends, and makes recommendations for “full-stack” software architecture.

Roy Miller

Roy Miller

Roy oversees marketing, sales, and operations. He has been actively involved in leadership for startups to multinational consulting projects over 25 years.

Let’s talk about your project

To find out if we’re the right fit for your project, one of our seasoned software project veterans would love to talk to you.

Or call us now at: (919) 557-7550