Why we build software systems

We love the craft

We're committed to creating software that changes things. We love working closely with innovative people who start, scale, and change companies through custom software systems. We have an insatiable appetite for learning and solving problems. We love the fact that software development is a craft - part engineering, and part artistry.

We are driven by our core values

Our mission is to glorify God by applying our craft to serve business innovators and colleagues. We accomplish this through a shared commmitment to the values of Character, Collaboration, and Craftsmanship.

It's in the name

The name RoleModel reflects:

  • When we build software, we use objects to model the roles necessary to meet business needs– an approach that makes the architecture easier to comprehend.
  • Each member of the team brings unique expertise to positively influence the lives of colleagues and customers as we work together.
  • We seek to model true excellence at all times rather than just preach it, just as Jesus modeled perfect character.
No organization I've seen has such consistently top-notch people. They have phenomenal technical skills and offer many intangible contributions to the team.
— Director of IT —
International Medical Diagnostics Manufacturer

We are pioneers

We're not just passionate about software development, we're committed to honing the craft itself. Master Craftsman Ken Auer founded RoleModel in 1997 with a vision for building the first eXtreme Programming Software Studio™, a place where apprentices, journeymen, and craftsmen could work together in a highly collaborative environment to meet client goals. Over the last 2 decades, as the team has grown and the balance between on-site and off-site work has shifted, we've custom designed three successive studio spaces to optimize our ability to collaborate.

In 2001, Ken co-authored the influential book “Extreme Programming Applied: Playing to Win!” as a straightforward guide to using Agile practices in the software industry. We're one of the signers of the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto, and Ken provided the opening keynote at the first Software Craftsmanship North America conference in 2009. As role models, teaching and mentoring is close to our hearts, and our work in this area has helped shape the industry's approach to apprenticeship. We've consistently lead the industry in applying the principles of agility, craftsmanship, and user centered design, and it's exciting to see these principles getting more and more attention as the industry evolves.

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