Case Study: FieldX Journal

iPad app enabling crop consultants to gather data in the field and synchronize it in the cloud.

Developing the API

Initially FieldX needed a fully functional API to be developed so their currently laptop application data could be saved in the cloud and available for other crop consultants within their same organization. FieldX had 12 years of helping their customers record agricultural data while in the field on their laptops. The time had come to share this wealth of data among people with different roles and access privileges across the organization. The new API was named FieldVault to promote the safely protected data and was intended to not only backup data from the agriculture crop consultants years of data stored on their laptops but to also make reporting and sharing of this data possible with third party vendors.

FieldX iPad App

FieldX requested an iPad app to be built using the FieldVault API at the same time the API was being developed. The key to this design was that the crop consultants need to be able to hold the iPad in one hand and use their other hand to record data as quickly as possible while in the field under any condition, whether bright sun, summer heat, rainy season or cold winter months. The forms presented for customer input also had to be highly customized as each crop consultant requires different properties depending on season and crop they are responsible for.

Fieldx in action

RoleModel designed FieldX Journal to accurately synchronize data captured by multiple consultants- in places where the internet is least reliable.

Project Highlights

  • Mobile App Devleopment
  • API Development
  • Concept Development & UX


FiledX wanted a new iPad app that would incorporate much of the data-entry functionality of the original FieldX desktop application. The RoleModel UX team performed an expert review of the existing desktop application to distill the data-entry features down to the essential components, which was immediately followed by a prototype to review with the stakeholders to determine the feature list to include in the iPad app.

Selected screenshots


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