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Web and mobile applications enabling farriers to build and place orders in the field.


If you don't own a horse or know someone who does, chances are you've never heard of the profession of farriery. Farriers shoe horses and care for horses' hooves, combining blacksmithing and veterinary skills. They typically travel to each of their clients, and own custom trucks that enable them to bring the supplies and equipment (including a forge) that they need to each location.

The main painpoint: ordering supplies

Farriers make their living shoeing horses - a very strenuous task - so reducing time after hours placing orders is very important to them. The average farrier spends over $1,000/month on supplies: mostly shoes, nails, and pads. Traditionally, farriers have to write down the supplies they are getting low on while they're out, then fax their hand-written notes or read their order over the phone when they get home.

The Solution

My Farrier Supplies enables farriers to build their orders in the field - reducing the errors introduced by hand-written notes and relieving the burden of placing orders at home after a hard day's work.

Designed for speed

Farriers don't browse - they nearly always know the exact part they need to order. Farrier Supplies provides robust search and filtering to enable users to quickly add products to their order without jumping through hoops.

Custom-tailored user experience

Much of the major farrier supplies come in a wide assortment of variations from shoe sizes to nail lengths. Farriers don't just reorder their favorite shoe - they select how much of each size and style of the shoe they want. No out-of-the-box ecommerce system could achieve the farrier's ideal product ordering workflow. My Farrier Supplies is a completely custom system designed from the ground up to match the farrier's workflow. It enables users to add all the desired quantities of each variation of a product to the cart from one page - something no other farrier supply store was doing at the time of launch.

Helpful shortcuts

Farriers are constantly reordering the same supplies. To save time ordering the same things, My Farrier Supplies implements a concept of favorite products and enables the user to create new orders based on previous saved orders.

No connection? No problem.

Farriers are often making house calls to remote places where internet connections are unreliable. The iOS app enables the user to build an order even when not connected to the internet, then syncs the next time the device is connected.

Farrier mobile

Designed from the ground up to match the farrier's workflow.

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