Tim Irwin

Senior Software Craftsman

Tim cut his teeth on medical software in the early-90s and had some great mentors. In addition to being a software developer, he served as a database administrator for several years, so he is the rare breed of person who knows just about anything you need to know about relational databases in theory and practice. He learned about object-oriented software early in his career and then plunged in deeply when he started working with RoleModel in 2004. You won't find a more dedicated individual than Tim, and you'll rarely find a software developer who is more well-rounded.

Tim has used databases of every scale:

  • Access and FileMakerPro,
  • MySql, SqlServer and Oracle,
  • Teradata and Data Warehouses

Tim has used more languages than most on a professional level

  • C, C++
  • Visual Basic
  • Delphi
  • Java w/ Struts, Sails, Tapestry,
  • Ruby w/ Rails
  • JavaScript, CSS, HTML, HAML, YML, XML, ...

He has been involved in software related to group management, curriculum management, program scheduling, drug database management, clinical analysis, drug discovery research, cattle auctions, ...

Outside of software, Tim is an outdoorsman and has a small family farm, has served on the board of North Carolinians for Home Education, and as a deacon at Southwest Wake Christian Assembly. He has been married to his dear wife, Heather, since 1996 and has five active and growing children.


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