Roy Miller


Over the past twenty-two years, Roy has worked as a programmer, leader, and strategist at companies ranging from small startups to multinational banks. Prior to joining RoleModel, Roy led development in the finance industry and was a partner in a startup software company. He also transformed existing teams to operate under Agile practices and helped craft a strategic vision for an enterprise-wide Agile transition. Roy has published two books on Agile development titled, “Managing Software for Growth” and “Extreme Programming Applied: Playing to Win” in the Addison-Wesley XP Series. Roy is a Ruby developer and also serves as Craftsmanship Director where he provides leadership support to the entire Craftsmanship team. Roy is an avid runner who also enjoys watching historical epics, reading, and writing blog posts. He also has his BA in Public Policy from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA.

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