Kyle Smith


Kyle's interest in programming led him to explore the field of software development as a career. He joined the RoleModel Software Craftsmanship Academy and gained valuable training and experience. Upon successful completion of the Academy, he joined RoleModel as a Developer, and contributes on numerous projects requiring expertise in HTML5, Canvas, WebGL and JavaScript (React, Angular, Ember). On the frontend, he has been a core contributor in building several large user-centered Single Page Applications (SPAs).

He was a core developer on the designer app which was very heavily Node and Angular. The application gives users a simplified 2D manipulation interface, while the backing data model ensures the rendered structure conforms to building codes and can produce accurate material lists. Kyle has been instrumental in building an underlying Construction Designer framework used in multiple different technology based service projects with RoleModel’s customers.

Recently, Kyle was a key member of the LandOne Takeoff project. This Node and React based application began as a proof of concept and quickly progressed to a large scale Minimum Viable Product (MVP). In addition to his other responsibilities, Kyle led the web services integration with Stripe.

Kyle has been a multi-year member of a team working at a large Healthcare IT client on a complex decision support system. His work included consuming FHIR web services from multiple Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. During this process, Kyle noted the system needed to accommodate multiple FHIR versions but the available solution had uncontrolled memory leaks and other technical challenges. He drove the implementation of a new Ruby gem for seamless integration of data sources using mixed FHIR versions. The client is currently scheduling the gem for release as open source.

Kyle enjoys Celtic music, and plays the piano, tin whistle, and accordion. He also likes to cook and share his love of astronomy with others.

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