Graham Langdon

Design Director, Design Craftsman

Graham has 10 years of experience designing and building user interfaces. As Design Director at RoleModel, Graham ensures cross-platform usability, accessibility, and maintainability based on well architected front-end code. He is zealous for effective communication within development teams and between clients and their customers. Graham stays on top of the rapidly-evolving User Interface (UI) landscape, and has skill in HTML5, Haml, Slim, Jade, CSS, SASS, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, JQuery, Node.js, Angular.js, Git, and Adobe Suite. Graham received his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Security with a minor in Graphic Design from Campbell University.

Graham loves learning new things, and regularly takes time to read the latest news on technology and User Experience (UX). His side activities include playing music, reading the classics, painting, woodworking, metalwork, and homesteading. He lives with his wife, Sarah, and their son, James, on the family farm.

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