Christian Di Lorenzo


After graduating from the first Software Craftsmanship Academy in 2012, Christian was invited to join the RoleModel team. He began at RoleModel working primarily on the iOS platform, but has since expanded to work on front and back-end web development. His current skills include Objective-C, Swift, AngularJS, NodeJS, Elixir, and some Ruby on Rails.

Christian is passionate not only about accomplishing difficult problems but also about finding new methodologies and technologies to improve his programming skills. He also loves to create open source libraries for the community, from RMSTokenView as an in-house component to LDProgressView as an independent package.

On a personal level, Christian desires to grow in his faith, enjoys studying theology, and is active in his church community. Currently, he lives with his parents and four siblings but hopes to someday lead a godly family of his own. Christian’s hobbies include music, piano, and ultimate frisbee. He is currently pursing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Regis University.

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