User Experience and Prototyping

Key to an application's success is it's ability to make sense and appeal to its users. We systematically research and test designs with target users to ensure success.


User Experience Assessment

RoleModel Software's UX Assessment Package is designed to produce a set of recommendations for taking an existing app, website, or piece of software to the next level of usability and engagement. We will identify steps to address potential mobile users. Our dedicated UX team draws upon years of experience in designing, testing, and refining applications to identify usability issues and recommend realistic solutions.

Prototyping & Concept Development

Building a successful application is a process of constant discovery, learning, risk-management, and adaptation. When you need a low-fidelity or semi-functional prototype to test with target users or demo to potential investors, we can build it. We can help you receive and interpret valuable early feedback from users and more accurately assess the resources needed to build your final product.

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