Team Immersion

Team immersion trains developers while they work on your project in our studio. While here they participate in each step of the agile process and pair program with our developers. Up to five developers can get concentrated attention in this program. While you can sign up for any duration, we typically recommend at least four weeks, while three months typically yields the best value.

When we find the developers are missing some information or not understanding a technique they need to go further on their project, we'll present it to them "just in time." When they just need to watch an experienced developer do something that is natural to him but not to them, he'll roll up his sleeves, do it, and explain it.

Test Driven Development with Rails

This course is designed for individuals and teams that need to get a handle on industry-standard development techniques. Participants receive hands-on instruction from RoleModel's senior craftsmen with one-on-one attention as needed. Some programming background is required, but novice developers are welcome. Many of the principles taught transcend the Rails environment. Subjects include:

  • Test-driven development of object-oriented programming alone and in pairs
  • Web application development using Ruby, Rails, HTML (ERB/HAML/SLIM), SASS (CSS), JavaScript, SQL (relational databases) and no-SQL storage
  • Data Structures, Design Patterns, Techniques, Tools of various sorts
  • Agile software development practices