With over 20 Years of Healthcare Industry Experience, we can build Custom Software that truly works for You!

Since RoleModel Software created its first custom healthcare system in 1998, we have been collaborating with healthcare professionals to build high-value custom software that users love. We are ready to apply our expertise to your needs in Clinical Practice, Research, Patient Data, or Administration.

Our experience and expertise extends into almost every corner of healthcare IT

Ml patient data
Patient data
  • EHR Certification
  • EHR Integration
Ml clinical practice
Clinical Practice
  • Patient Care
  • Decision Support
  • Data Management
Ml research
  • Drug Discovery
  • Research Support
  • FDA/Regulatory
Ml clinical admin
Clinical Administration
  • Insurance Payor Approval
  • Value-based Medicine Tools
  • Clinic Management

A Recent Example of our Custom Software

DIPS, a Norwegian provider of Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, wanted diabetes clinics to share and compare their outcome data to improve population health.

Software Highlights

  • Key Performance Indicator Dashboard
  • Responsive mobile application
  • Data sharing with other clinics
  • Configurable business rules
  • Color coded data for easy interpretation

While many of our clients require strict confidentiality, here are a few projects that we can talk about:

Becton research

Becton Dickinson Research: Created a software prototype in the late 1990’s that was a forerunner for Value-Based Medicine and included mobile and web-based technology.


Medaxion: Our work was instrumental in achieving CMS Certification for an anesthesiology-focused EHR. Developed advanced features for the Medaxion "Pulse" platform.

Therapy edge

TherapyEdge: Audited software development practices and web-based decision support software for the treatment of HIV for a company targeted for acquisition.

Bio merieux

BioMerieux (formaly Organon Teknika): Built a FDA compliant system in the late 1990’s for managing mycobacterial analysis that is still in use today.


Proventys: Developed a guidelines-based clinical decision support system that used predictive and prognostic tests to optimize treatment decisions at the point of care.

Direct pay health

DirectPayHealth: Developed a payment platform for physicians converting to the direct-pay practice model that used a proprietary healthcare "credit card" to pay for services.

Privia health

Privia Health: Using extensive feedback from interactions with users, we designed and developed patient-centered EHRs.


TheraSim: Created technology that used drug interaction data from "RXDB" drug databases to create HIV treatment training simulations for healthcare professionals.

Other significant Healthcare IT Projects:

Oncology Decision Support Software

A multi-year project that grew this system into the current market leader used by >25% of US Medical Oncology clinics.

CMS “Oncology Care Model (OCM)” Software

Created software to reduce workflow costs while complying with CMS regulations, significantly increasing provider adoption of the OCM program.

Drug Discovery Support

Built ongoing user feedback into research-support software that resulted in >200% productivity increases, >50% cost reductions, and top user satisfaction.

Payor Approval Software

Created a software system that streamlined treatment decisions and automated Payor payment pre-approvals.

FHIR Integration Tool

Built reusable software that enables applications to seamlessly integrate EHR with multiple versions of the evolving FHIR standards.

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