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Get advanced product configuration, estimating and sales quoting software for a fraction of its cost

If your business configures and sells a customized product, estimating and creating sales quotes are probably a big bottleneck. Your most experienced estimators get stretched too thin and when customers make changes, you feel like you are moving backwards. Now there is a "hybrid" software solution to fill this gap.

The typical cost of a custom software project starting from "ground zero" is substantial. To make custom software development more affordable, we have strategically invested over 3,000 hours of research & development to create our own "Custom Visual Configurator" framework.

For many industries and business situations, we can use the framework's thousands of lines of software code as the starting point of the software development process. Advanced features such as user-friendly 2D/3D product configuration and the sophisticated "business rules" capability can be implemented in much less time. The result is significant cost savings for you.

Here is how this unique approach to custom software can help your business:

ThinkingCapture Estimator Expertise
  • We build your estimating expertise into the software.
  • Complex design tasks can be done by anybody.
EasyImprove Customer Service
  • 2D/3D PDF renderings make great presentations for your prospects.
  • Customer changes? No problem. Prices are updated based on your pricing "rules."
MoneyImprove Small Order Profitability
  • Software can be used by prospects to create their own designs and estimates.
  • The need for experienced design/engineering help is substantially reduced.
WorkflowManage Workflow Seamlessly
  • From initial inquiry to signed contract, each step is optimized for maximum efficiency.
  • A live, proposal status "Dashboard" uses data from existing software systems.
IncreaseGrow Sales Capacity
  • Ramp up sales without adding or training new staff.
  • Additional orders are no problem--the software scales with your business!
Happy UserDelight Users
  • Software is custom designed specifically for your users.
  • Maximum "user friendliness" eliminates tedious, frustrating work.

Success Stories

Our clients have found that custom software built with the Custom Visual Configurator Framework results in better software, delivered faster, at a lower cost than starting from scratch:


Designs and engineers thousands of residential decks every month from all over the USA

  • Easily create and modify construction components to totally customize your structure.
  • Instantly switch from 2D to 3D View--users see all angles!
  • Built-in Custom Engineering Rules automate material sizing as your design changes.
  • “Permit Ready” PDF plans and diagrams streamline the construction process.
  • Highly accurate Material Lists can be used to calculate bids and place orders.

Sayfa Group


Accelerates quoting process for business producing industrial access and fall protection systems

  • Managers and employees can access quoting information anytime, anywhere.
  • 3D project views help customers picture exactly what they buy--no guesswork!
  • The software automatically creates complete job parts lists, ready for invoicing.
  • Sayfa can now more easily adapt to complex customer needs and project changes.



Customer self-serve online estimating for compressed air systems, allowing estimators to focus on larger projects

  • Customers can create their own estimates online, no estimators needed.
  • All designs are visible in 3D, improving accuracy and eliminating guesswork.
  • Materials lists are instantly created and added to the shopping cart, closing more sales.
  • Staff estimators spend their time working with customers on larger projects.
  • Management can now see the status of every estimate.

LandOne Takeoff


Helps Landscape Contractors accelerate takeoffs, increase accuracy, and quickly turn around bids

  • Save time by importing 3rd party PDF plans directly into the takeoff system.
  • Use the multiple-shape drawing tool to quickly annotate a plan and instantly calculate takeoff quantities.
  • Total flexibility--Set your own landscape material spacing and thickness guidelines.
  • Unlimited changes with automatic retotaling. Save hours of labor!

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