Save time and money with custom Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software built on our 2D/3D Construction Designer Framework

Advanced 2D/3D product design tools and accelerated price quoting for modular component and construction-related businesses.

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Below are just a few examples of how the 2D/3D Construction Designer Framework is being used. Designs and engineers thousands of residential decks every month from all over the USA
  • Easily create and modify construction components
  • Instantly switch from 2D to 3D View
  • Automate material sizing with custom Engineering Rules
  • Produce highly accurate Material Lists
  • Create “Permit Ready” PDF plans and diagrams
LandOne Takeoff: Helps Landscape Contractors accelerate takeoffs, increase accuracy, and quickly turn around bids
  • Upload plan PDFs
  • Annotate a plan using drawing tools with multiple shapes
  • Set materials spacing and thickness guidelines
  • Make changes easily with automatic retotaling
  • Save significant time and improve accuracy
Space Planner: Efficiently powers commercial interior space planning
  • GCs and architects can create prototypes quickly and easily
  • Plan interior spaces with rooms and areas instead of walls
  • Speed up the design process with "Intelligent" placement
  • Modify individual areas "on the fly"
  • Add configuration rules to guide elements sizes and shapes
Sayfa: Enables an international safety equipment manufacturer to quickly produce 3D models and quotes
  • Cloud-based system accessible anywhere
  • Extensive use of 3D modeling
  • Easily configure complex stairs and angles
  • Calculate accurate parts lists for connectors and small parts

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Clients in many different industries have improved the speed and accuracy of their product designs and price quotes by using our custom software. No matter which industry you are in, we can customize our Construction Designer Framework to fit your specific business:

TreesLandscape Contracting
Construction rulersArchitectural Space Planning
Safety helmetIndustrial Safety
Construction houseResidential Construction
Compressed airCompressed Air
ThinkingYour Industry?

Our clients have found that custom software built with the Construction Designer Framework results in better software, delivered faster, at a lower cost than starting from scratch:

DecksLandoneSpace plannerSayfagroupRapidair

With custom software built with the Construction Designer Framework, you get:

People drawing“Smart Software” that makes complex design tasks so easy that anyone can do them. (We learn how your best people do their jobs and then build that knowledge into custom software).
Drawing condAn “Intelligent” Drawing Editor that anticipates the engineering impact of design changes and automatically adjusts component quantities and sizes.
CalculationsInstant price calculations based on your pricing rules.
WorkflowStandardized and improved workflow with the flexibility to make "exceptions."
Happy userA user-friendly software experience

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