How we build software systems

We are a full-service custom software shop led by seasoned software craftsmen. We lead with user experience design and take an agile, iterative approach to develop exceptional software systems.

Agile Approach

Being agile means having in-house experts across the disciplines of software design and engineering, collaborating daily, and delivering working software on a regular basis. We tend to work in one to two week sprints, maximizing both productivity and visibility. To ensure project success, we maintain a tight feedback loop with our customers.

At its heart, agile development supports cross-disciplinary collaboration, user research, and test-driven development disciplines. This flexibility enables us to deliver results that embraces speed-to-market results, which not only reduces risk, but also lowers cost. This form of lean development places strong emphasis on collaboration and adaptation in order to minimize risk and avoid costly mistakes.

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Build, Measure, Learn

Most custom software projects come with a set of unkowns. Will the users understand the new software? Will customers pay for the new software? Will the new software perform well when integrated with the rest of our system? Our approach tests hypotheses by building incrementally, measuring results with you, and applying findings as we iterate.

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Never before have I seen a team that works as effectively as RoleModel. They reflect on successes and failures several times a day — always trying to make things run better next time with an honest self-assessment of their experiences, strengths, and weaknesses.
— Laurie Williams —
Associate Professor
North Carolina State University

The Value of Working With RoleModel

  • Speed Speed-to-Market.

    Our track record proves that we design, build, and deliver high-quality, lean, and adaptable software.

  • Flexibility Flexibility.

    We embrace the fact that requirements change, and we do not add unnecessary overhead to incorporate these changes.

  • Value Cost/Value.

    We bring a toolbox of software to every project and help lower the total cost of development and delivery with a process built on accountability.

  • Expertise Expertise.

    We work efficiently from the start, maintaining constant communication to identify risks and make informed decisions.

  • Risk Risk Reduction.

    We improve software through collective ownership of responsibility, while our customers receive the benefits of an ongoing delivery process.

Our Team Values Greatness

We believe that software development is a craft — part engineering, part artistry. Our Software CraftsTeam™ is made up of developers and designers who not only love what they do, but are enthusiastic learners comitted to solving customers' problems. As a cross-functional collaborative team, we accomplish what craftsmen working alone cannot.

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