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Past Events

Ken Auer at MetLife DevOps conference Jan 25th, 2017


  • Keynote: Agility and Expertise from Concept to Production
  • Two Sets of Eyes: And I'm Not Talking About A Geek With Glasses
  • CSI: Quality Code Forensics
  • T-DD/DD&D: Test-Driven Design/Development Demonstration & Discussion

Ken Auer at Cocoa Conf DC Sep 9-10th, 2016

Topic: Keynote on "The Relationship Between Agility and Expertise"

Ken Auer at TriAgile June 30th, 2016

Topic: The Relationship Between Agility and Expertise

Tony Ingraldi at Cocoa Conf DC April 10th–11th, 2015

Topic: Automate with Swift

Ken Auer at JS Remote Conf Feb 5th, 2015

Topic: HotDraw Revisited: Object-Oriented JavaScript and Canvas

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