Scale your custom software

Grow your software system to scale through new features and maintenance.

Whether you’re continuing to build out a new system or expanding a legacy codebase, a seasoned Craftsman led team will help you balance competing demands in a cost effective and timely way. Using RoleModel’s System Health Report TM and Maintainability Scorecard TM, we’ll analyze the codebase across 5 key dimensions and rank our recommendations so you can prioritize them right next to the new feature requests your users need.

With an in-depth knowledge of underlying technical needs alongside new features, you can build a balanced roadmap with the confidence that every new feature will be deployed on a solid foundation.

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Case Study: Scaling Lifeway's WORDsearch platform

Lifeway wordsearch
Lifeway transparent

Read about how we rebuilt the entire web application store and administrative back-end as part of Lifeway's growth plans.

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Prove a Concept

Gain momentum by proving your software based ideas are the ones your users need.

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Make it Viable

Refine your concept by delivering the essential features in a minimum viable product release.

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Scale a Product

Grow your software system to scale through new features and maintenance.

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Change your Industry

Increase the pace of change through rapid software releases focused on adding bottom line value.

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