Prove your custom software concept

Gain momentum by proving your software based ideas are the ones your users need.

When you bring your concept to RoleModel, our Design and Software Craftsmen will guide you through the process. Your confidence in the business value of your ideas will increase as we collaboratively make decisions about user experience and the underlying technology. We work with innovators in the early concept stage to explore solutions through prototypes and user testing. We move quickly from interactive mockups to prototyping directly in code. Your codebase will contain software assets you’ll be able to start testing with real users in a build, measure, learn process.

A user tested, code-based proof of concept gives you the data and confidence to make decisions about whether or not to proceed to building a first release.

Case Study: Proving a concept for Naturally a Deal

Nad prototype screens

During a two-day planning and exploration with Naturally a Deal, our designers and developers created a prototype sorting application of their specialized delivery process.

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Case Study: Proving a concept for

Decks mbp
Decks transparent

See how we helped prove homeowners would create basic deck plans with an on-line design tool.

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