We make your custom software viable

Building essential features into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Release.

We work with technical and non-technical innovators to create an initial Minimum Viable Product release for a new concept or a redesigned system. We partner with you to evaluate and implement the features that will contribute the greatest business value in the shortest possible timeframe.

We will help you assess the business, user experience, and technical tradeoffs. Most importantly, we will ship a usable product. Our goal is for users to personally experience the value of the working software.

With a first release live in production, you will see how the software adds value to your business and how to scale your app.

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Case Study: Mobile viability at FieldX

Fieldx device

Learn about the iPad app we built so FieldX users could record and share agricultural data while in the field.

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Case Study: KPI Dashboard viability at DIPS

Dips app
Dips logo

Learn how we helped build a KPI Dashboard for clinics across Norway.

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Case Study: Materials Estimate viability at LandOne

Landone ipad
Landone logo 2

Read how we helped launch a new business built on our "Construction Designer" framework.

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Let's discuss your project.

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