Lean and Green Proof of Concept

Lean and Green is a great choice for clients who want to turn their idea into a functional proof of concept but aren’t ready to commit to building a complete product yet. You get the same craftsmen-led, highly collaborative, full-service experience you always get working with RoleModel, plus discounted rates and deferred payment terms. We make this special offer as interest and our availability permit. If you’re interested, tell us about your concept using the form at the bottom of this page.

How it works


Tell us about your concept using the form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll contact you to discuss and ask questions. If the project seems like a good fit for Lean and Green, we’ll send you the necessary agreements and coordinate our schedules.


The heart of the effort is a focused, two day event on-site at RoleModel. Our Craftsmen will lead a team to create design concepts and a working prototype. During these two days it’s important that you and key representatives from your team are highly available for collaboration and feedback. Your team would ideally join us on-site for the majority of these two days, though remote collaboration is an option.

About a week before the 2 day event, we’ll have a kickoff call to make sure everyone is on the same page and identify what we need to do to prepare for the event. After the event, we’ll finalize the deliverables and make refinements as the budget permits.


The goal of Lean and Green is to create what you need to generate interest with your stakeholders and make informed decisions about how to approach building a software product. It is an agile effort, so the specific deliverables are a little different for every customer. The following are the core deliverables we typically produce:

The Business Arrangement


Lean and Green projects are typically set at a $25,000 not-to-exceed budget. Depending on your project needs, we may recommend a slightly different budget. Any exceptions or adjustments to the initial budget and plan must be mutually agreed in writing before the project kickoff.

Once your project has been accepted, we’ll invoice the first $5,000 that you will need to pay before the scheduled kickoff day. We’ll offer you our discounted rates as long as you pay the remaining balance within four months. This gives you time to show your prototype to stakeholders and potential investors.

Your not-to-exceed budget only covers RoleModel’s time. If your project requires the input of paid subject matter experts or other participants that aren’t part of RoleModel, or the purchase of special materials or devices, we will discuss the anticipated impacts to your total cost before we start work.


Lean and Green is an exciting and dynamic event that condenses a lot of value into a relatively short period of time. We film and photograph these events so we can show others how we work. Your agreement to be identified in our promotion activities is part of the reason we offer you our discounted rates. If you don’t want us to record the event, let us know when you contact us and we’ll provide the undiscounted costs and terms.

How to Apply

If you are interested in being considered for a Lean and Green event, contact us now and mention Lean and Green.

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