Samaritan Ministries

User research and project consulting to transform admin workflows and design a member portal.


Samaritan Ministries connects christians with medical needs with other christians who pledge to help financially. RoleModel helped Samaritan move away from dependence on mailed forms and to connect its members in new ways.

RoleModel worked with Samaritan to design a robust online portal that would allow members to manage their membership, communicate with Samaritan, keep up with the medical needs of their own and others, and track various transactions.

RoleModel also helped Samaritan sent consultants on-site with Samaritan for to interview each of their departments and perform user research. From these initial visits RoleModel produced user stories describing all the primary activities at Samaritan. This enabled Samaritan and RoleModel to create an informed development roadmap.

When development began, Samaritan sent two of its own developers to immerse at RoleModel for several weeks. At RoleModel they learned the core concepts of agile, test-driven development with Rails and assisted in development.

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