Sr Developer, Software Craftsman


Craftsmanship at RoleModel is the core fabric of who we are and what we are about. It permeates throughout the whole organization, driven by an elite team of Software Craftsmen with the desire to apply their skills in providing maximum value to our customers and raising up future Craftsmen through mentorship and collaboration.

A Craftsman at RoleModel serves in leading project teams and in collaboration with rest of Craftsmanship team. In project teams, a Craftsman leads by example, providing hands-on technical leadership and guiding project success. A Craftsman is a technical lead on his projects, and spends most of his time on breaking down problems, crafting software, pairing, and reviewing code. As a member of the Craftsman Team, a Craftsman applies their unique skillset and perspective to RoleModel’s technical vision and will take on concrete actions to carry the vision to implementation.

The ideal candidate will have

  • 5+ years experience delivering projects to production and supporting them
  • 2+ years experience mentoring others


Skilled in code reviews
  • Uses guiding questions and offer helpful suggestions
  • Knows when to escalate to sync review or pair refactoring
Experienced with pair programming
  • Understands the tradeoffs
Practitioner of Craftsmanship Principles
  • SOLID, patterns, Sandi Metz Rules, etc
Demonstrable skill in TDD
  • More than just a believer in “automated tests”
  • Uses testing to drive toward a simpler, more composable design
Effective and patient teacher in mentoring teammates


  • Familiar with remote pairing tools (eg. Screenhero, Tmux)
  • Effective user of communication tools: Email, Slack


  • Person of their word
  • Able to own mistakes and commend others on their success


  • Desires to keep learning and continually improving by staying on top of best practices in the software industry and can serve as a filter
  • Balances “shiny new things” with using proven early adopter technologies (“crossed the chasm”)


  • Knows how to draw on own experience and experience of others in a collaborative way to provide guidance and agreed upon actions
  • Desire to make an impact in leading/influencing the business and the careers of others

Location: Prefer local to Holly Springs, NC area. Remote candidates must demonstrate a high level of remote collaboration and communication skills.

Type: Full-Time

Apply: Send your application to [email protected]

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