Senior Front-end Developer

You are passionate about building resilient, responsive front-ends. You are well-versed in the open source front-end developer’s toolkit and select the right combination of tools for each project’s unique requirements. You are zealous for semantic markup and let the content inform the structure. You curate styles on your projects to be simple, modular, flexible, and side-effect free. Sometimes you even dream about grid structures. You set the pace for solid html and css on your projects and gently shepherd your less-experienced team members to contribute effectively. You love diving into the newest features of css/html, while staying grounded in the techniques necessary to get consistent results across the spectrum of browsers and devices.


  • Fluent with CSS3, HTML5, SASS/SCSS.
  • Adept with Javascript/Coffee Script/ES6/jQuery, experienced with at least one framework
  • Strong understanding of web user interface patterns and emerging trends.
  • Strong understanding of accessibility and related best practices.
  • Able to evaluate the needs of a project and select the right front-end technologies for the job at hand.
  • Eager to continuously learn, confident to share knowledge, and able to apply new skills and trends within a diverse team.


  • 5+ years delivering html/css/js on real projects
  • 5+ years experience solving cross-browser and cross-device challenges
  • 3+ years experience writing SASS/SCSS
  • Substantive experience using BEM, SMACSS, or another flavor of object-oriented css
  • Substantive experience collaborating on Ruby on Rails or other open source projects using git, the UNIX terminal, and code editors such as sublime text, vim, or atom

Location: Prefer local to Holly Springs, NC area. Remote candidates must demonstrate a high level of remote collaboration and communication skills.

Type: Full-time

Apply: Send your application to [email protected]

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