Our Software Craftsmen

We've built a team of individuals who excel in their craft, communicate well, and work with integrity.

"No organization I've seen has such consistently top-notch people. They have phenomenal technical skills and offer many intangible contributions to the team."
— Director of IT, International Medical Diagnostics Manufacturer
Ken Auer
CEO, Master Craftsman
Walt Briley
Tim Irwin
Craftsman, Database Expert
Caleb Woods
Web Development, Training
Rick Evans
UX, Web/​Mobile Dev
Graham Langdon
Design, Front-end Dev
Thomas Ingram
Web Development
Doug Ivers
Mobile Development
Ben Einwechter
Web Development
Jay Shepherd
Web Development
Paul Nicholson
Web/Mobile Dev, Dev Ops
John Young
Web Dev, Dev Ops
Lui Bright
Administrative Assistant
Christian DiLorenzo
Web/iOS Development
Tony Ingraldi
iOS Development

Extended Craftsmanship Community

Over the years has grown a community of meritorious craftsmen that we occasionally bring in depending on the needs of our customers and their availability. Below are some of the craftsmen with which we have worked in the past and maintain a relationship.

Adam Williams

Software Craftsman

Adam was one of the earlier apprentices at RoleModel Software that has become an incredible craftsman. Adam has been a primary developer in a number of systems in the domain of merchant transactions, appointment scheduling, group management, conference management, patent litigation tracking, drug discovery support, and more.

He's been involved in a number of open source projects over the years starting the Ruby development environment for Eclipse.

Jared Richardson

Jared sold his first software program in 1991 and has been immersed in software ever since. He's made a career out of helping teams find and fix their process blind spots.

Jared has authored and coauthored a number of books, including the best selling Ship It! A Practical Guide to Successful Software Projects and Career 2.0: Take Control of Your Life. He is a frequent speaker at software conferences and a thought leader in the Agile space.

Jeff Patton

Agile Usability Expert, Designer, Software Developer

Jeff has won awards for his innovation in the areas of Agile Usability, bringing the User Centered Designers and Agile Software Developers together. But that's not just because he is the most prolific speaker and writer on the subject, but because he practices what he preaches. We've worked with Jeff on developing large applications requiring a high degree of user interaction and have never been disappointed.

Michael Hale

Dev Ops, Software Developer

Michael is a system administrator who's also a software developer, which means he understands the software he's administering, and he wields automation as one of his primary sysadmin tools. Michael was also an early apprentice here (in 2000) who has been drawn time and again to the systems side of things. Known to sleep under a desk while baby-sitting an upgrade, he's a hard worker who's dedicated to keeping things running smoothly.

Michael is a jack of many trades having used a variety of tools on the Microsoft platform (Visual Basic, ASP, C#), Java, Ruby, and many scripting tools.

Michael has worked in many domains including drug screening, decision science, curriculum and group management, workflow automation, and more.

Matthew Bass

Software Developer, Designer

Matthew had an apprenticeship at RoleModel after several years of running a very busy Tolkien Movies website he took over as a teenager. Matthew is a hard worker who has worked for SAS and a number of other companies in addition to a lot of start-up companies. After his early career as a web site designer, he has focused much more on developing the software that drives the action.

Matthew has been proficient in PHP and Java, but thrives in Ruby and Rails.

Brian Adkins

Software Developer

Brian is a software entrepreneur and consultant that we've had the pleasure of working with on a number of occasions.

Steve Iannopollo

Software Developer

Steve is a fast learner who apprenticed under one of our early apprentices, Adam Williams. He is a very productive developer who has been involved in projects including patent litigation discovery, group management, repair service management, and more. He's also created several useful online web tools of his own as he wields Ruby on Rails, as well as an iPhone application.

Kiefer Partridge

User Experience, Interface Design, Front-end Development

Kiefer is an empathetic designer who cares about both the user's experience and faithfully telling the client's story. His exceptional skills as a designer are paired with a strong aptitude for implementing his designs with performant, well-organized code.

Before joining the RoleModel team, Kiefer was the head user experience/interface designer at a educational company CollegePlus where he gained much experience in project management, agile development, the lean startup mentality, and tailoring online experiences for users.

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